Through Her Eyes: A female gaze in German Cinema

What does it mean to tell a story through a woman's eyes?

Over the next five months, we will, together with the audience, delve into this question. Through Her Eyes: A female Gaze in German Cinema is a film series curated by the Goethe-Institut Amsterdam, with the aim to provide insight into cinema made by women, with female voices and through a feminist lens. 

Screenings on site and online

The program consists of regular screenings at the Goethe-Institut Amsterdam and a complementary online film program, available for free on Goethe-On-Demand. The screenings will be complemented by introductions from the directors and others who can contribute something to the topic. Afterwards, visitors are invited to continue the discussion during a 'borrel'.

Ongoing relevance of the female perspective

As the title suggests, this series focuses on German cinema, where the beginnings of feminist film are closely linked to the women's emancipation movement of the 1970s. Films from almost forty years of German film history are shown. And just as diverse as the genres and artistic techniques of the films are the themes that are dealt with. However, they have lost none of their relevance in the quest for social equality: the fight against sexism and for better working conditions, the reconciliation of motherhood and professional life, criticism of outdated gender role clichés, female desire, and artistic, bodily and sexual self-determination.

Join the opening film

Through Her Eyes will kick off with a screening Ula Stöckl's classic "Neun Leben hat die Katze", one the first feminist films from the BRD, about five women's extremely subjective and yet universal efforts to escape from the patriarchal structures of society. 

For all the films and dates, take a look at the full program (PDF).