This is us live!

This week, the This is us campaign will be launched at UMC Utrecht, addressing social safety - desired and undesired behavior, aimed at all students and employees of the UMC Utrecht. With this campaign, we aim to work towards a stimulating, inclusive, and socially safe environment where we are open to each other and bring out the best in one another. This is us, and we are in this together. Will you join us?

What is going to happen?

We will highlight important topics to discuss together, to discover what we are proud of and where we want to improve. One by one, we will focus on these topics. This will become visible in the places where we learn and work together. The first topic is ‘desired and undesired behavior’. In the coming period, as a student, you may come across posters and banners in various locations with statements where you can respond and initiate a conversation about desired and undesired behavior. These posters will also contain a QR code leading to the website where you can find more information about "This is us." You will also find explanations about what you can do and whom to approach if you experience undesired behavior, witness it happening, are trusted by someone, or are addressed yourself regarding undesired behavior. Finally, you will find useful tips and tools to guide you. The website will be further developed in the coming period. The input from students has been invaluable in the creation of "This is us."

Are you joining?

Everyone who learns and works at UMC Utrecht contributes to a pleasant and socially safe environment. Therefore, we also count on you! This is what you can do:

  • Familiarize yourself with the topics that will be addressed.
  • Share your opinions on the statements on the website (digitally and anonymously) and discuss them with your fellow students, mentors, teachers, colleagues, or your team.
  • Use the appropriate toolkit that suits you.

Contact & questions

If you have any questions, want to suggest topics, or if you have any viewing, reading, or learning tips, please share them with us at The This is us project team will work with all input and determine if, how, and when it can be used.

Would you like to participate and contribute to upcoming brainstorming sessions with students to further develop this campaign? Send an email to