These are the newly chosen campus food trucks

The votes are in! From April, you'll find the food trucks of Broodje Ben, Mo & Sons, Falafel & Halloumi and Last Vegas in Utrecht Science Park. Last Vegas is this list's newcomer. You will find these food trucks daily on campus, where they will rotate along four spots on and around Heidelberglaan. Until April 1st, the current food truck schedule external link is in effect.

Below you'll find the selected foodtrucks - victory photo included!

De eigenaren van Last Vegas poseren met frituurapparatuur.

Last Vegas (Plant-based fastfood)

'Utrecht’s plant-based fast-food pioneer is on a mission to expand and offer its loaded fries, burgers & classic Dutch snacks to Utrecht Science Park.' (product photo)

De drie medewerkers van Broodje Ben.

Broodje Ben (Sandwiches)

'We are a hard-working and motivated team that stands for freshness, quickness, variation and kindness with sandwich specialities. We have plenty of choices for every taste and preference.'(product photo)

De twee eigenaren voor hun kleurige foodtruck.

Falafel & Halloumi (Middle Eastern)

'Are you up for a delicious, original and fresh falafel or halloumi wrap? We are ready for you in our colourful food truck to serve you the tastiest food.' (product photo)

Het team van Mo en Zonen met enkele studenten voor de foodtruck.

Mo & Zonen (Turkish streetfood)

‘We, father and son, have been the well-known 'kebab guys' of Utrecht Science Park since 2002. We stand for fresh, healthy, sustainable and future-proof Turkish street food.’(product photo)

The food trucks of Hoi Anh and Surinaamse EetHut received the lowest amount of votes and were therefore not selected.


To arrive at the first selection of six food trucks, the UU looked at, among other things, the extent to which the entrepreneurs engage in corporate social responsibility and sustainability (waste separation, origin of products, vegetarian assortment, plastic reduction and any labels).

Voting process

Between 9 and 15 January, nearly 4,000 students and staff chose their two favourite food trucks through an online voting form. Voting was possible (once only) with a UU or HU email account.