14 April 2021

These are the new members of the Faculty Council Geosciences

The election for the Faculty Council Geosciences took place 6-8 April. The results of the election are announced.

The members of the Faculty Council 2021-2022 are:


  • Nivedita Bansal, Atys Michel, Julia Machado Vido (Sustainable Development)
  • Thomas Sanders, Floris Eijkelboom (Earth Sciences & Physical Geography)
  • Loes van der Woerdt, Lisa Stapper, Joy Schutte (Human Geography and Spatial Planning)

Staff (for the staff delegation no elections were held)

  • Gaston Heimeriks, Elena Fumagalli (Sustainable Development)
  • Francien Peterse, Bas van de Schootbrugge (Earth Sciences)
  • Menno Straatsma (Physical Geography)
  • Geertje Speelman, Gerald Mollenhorst (Human Geography and Spatial Planning)
  • Lukas Bouten (Faculty Bureau)