These are the candidates for the Faculty Council elections!

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From May 13 through May 15, you can cast your vote for the university's advisory bodies. The Faculty Council (FR) is the representative advisory body for students and staff of the faculty. The list of candidates for the elections has been announced, so you can already check who you want to vote for!

What does the Faulty Council do?

The FR consists of 24 council members: 12 staff members and 12 student members. The FR consults with the Faculty Board on faculty policy in the areas of education, research, finance, staff and organization. The council members meet six times a year with the Faculty Board and in the weeks preceding these meetings committee meetings are scheduled. This keeps them well informed of faculty plans and makes them an important interlocutor for the Faculty Board.

For more information, visit the Faculty Council page, check out the student body's Instagram or send an email to

In addition to the Faculty Council, the University Council discusses at university level. You can cast your vote for these candidates as well! Read more about university elections here. As a student, you can only vote for the student section. Candidates are elected for 1 year.

Will you cast your vote from May 13 to 15? Go to and make your voice heard in the advisory Councils!

Student delegation candidate list

Lijst VUUR

Lijst VUUR (Verenigde Utrechtse Universitaire Raden) is committed to the themes of student welfare, educational quality, diversity & inclusion and sustainability. More information can be found here.

  1. Matthijs Brinkhuis
  2. Aoife Buckley
  3. Annebet van Rijn
  4. Boris Wesseldijk
  5. Saskia Corveleijn
  6. Sanne Hoekstra
  7. Axel van Dijk
  8. Midas van de Weetering
  9. Berend Floor
  10. Vera Ortlep
  11. Dore van Zwolle
  12. Sven Elbers
  13. Elisah Kil

De Vrije Student-GW

DVS (De Vrije Student) focuses on the themes of flexibility within education, livability and transparency. More information can be found here.

  1. Bo Nieuwenhuizen
  2. Floris Beenakker
  3. Chiara Evans
  4. Olivier de Haan
  5. Lisa Pais
  6. Melle Berg