These are the candidates for the Faculty Council elections!

The Faculty Council is an important participation body for students and staff of the Faculty. The elections for the next FC are from 8 to 12 May. The list of candidates for the elections has been announced, so you can see in advance who you want to vote for.

The FC consists of 24 council members: 12 staff members and 12 student members. As a student, you can only vote for the student delegation. Candidates are elected for 1 year. The FC consults with the faculty board on faculty policy regarding education, research, finance, personnel & organisation. They meet six times a year with the faculty board and in the weeks prior to that they have committee meetings.

For more information, visit the Facebook page of the Student delegation or the Faculty Council page, or send an email to

Candidates for the Student delegation

Lijst VUUR

1. Pepijn van Manen
2. Matthijs Brinkhuis
3. Annebet van Rijn
4. Axel van dijk
5. Saskia Corveleijn
6. Midas van de Wetering
7. Amber Verspui
8. Iris Pruiksma
9. Sven Elbers
10. Jona van Santen
11. Jeroen Henderix
12. Hans Kobes
13. Teresa Pappalardo
14. Lune de Rijck
15. Koen Janssen
16. Pepijne van Rooijen

De Vrije Student-GW

1. Lisa Pais
2. Olivier de Haan
3. Tristan Hofkes
4. Sara Ordeman
5. Melle Berg