4 October 2019

The University Council 2019-2020 meets with the Executive Board

On September 23rd, the University Council had his first meeting of the academic year with the Executive Board. During the meeting, the members of the University Council got acquainted with  the Executive Board. Additionally, the action plan for the Strategic Plan was discussed.

Strategic Plan

Every four years, the University draws up  a new Strategic Plan which states the ambitions for the next four years. The current Strategic Plan was operational by 2016 and will last until 2020. The Strategic Plan is built on a few guidelines which are stated in a plan of action. Examples of these guidelines include topics such as continuity and long-term thinking.

The plan of action also suggests that a couple of study groups for different topics need to be established. Each group will deal with its own topic. There are a few topics on which the council proposed a different wording of the themes. The University Council proposed the term ‘facilitating everyone’s potential’ instead of ‘fostering talent’. This is because the Council considers the first term as more inclusive and because this term suggests that everyone can optimize his or her potential. Furthermore, the council proposed to change the term ‘academic community’ to ‘engaging academic community’. The submitted plan put ‘norms and values’ as a separate theme under ‘academic community’. The council endorses the importance of those norms and values, but disagrees with putting these in the Strategic Plan.

Besides this, a more process-orientated question was asked: in which way could the Councils (including the Faculty councils etc.) influence the development of the Strategic Plan to the final version. The answer of the Board was that these Councils are taken into account in a later stadium. Finally, the Executive Board answered to the question whether or not the students and staff could attend the climate strike without sanctions with a negative response.