1 July 2020

The university and sustainability

For Utrecht University, sustainability is a global as well as a local issue.

The sustainability monitor 2019 is now online. In this online magazine you can read which steps have been taken in 2019 to make the university more sustainable and you will find sustainability highlights in research and education. Take a look at the results of 2019 at a glance or read the stories of the people who work on sustainability behind the scenes. Last year the university published the first sustainability monitor for 2018.

The university as agent of change

The importance of this monitor is underlined by Annetje Ottow, Vice President of the Executive Board: "The university is an agent of change in the field of sustainability. Being transparent about the efforts and results is an integral part of that. A monitor will help us keep a close eye on our sustainable impact and transition."

Green stories

A lot of people are working hard to realise the university’s sustainability ambitions, employees and students who seek to bring about sustainable change on a small or large scale. In the ‘green stories’ series, you can read more.

This monitor takes the form of an online magazine. In this way, you can easily click through different pages with sustainability results surrounding our education, research and business operations.