The student assessors Humanities 2023-2024 introduce themselves

At the beginning of each academic year, the Faculty of Humanities welcomes 5 new student assessors: a general student assessor for the entire faculty and 4 department assessors. They provide advice on student and educational matters within the Faculty Board and the Department Boards. This way, they contribute to improving the faculty for you. Meet them below!

Pepijne van Rooijen, Faculty Student Assessor

Hi! My name is Pepijne van Rooijen, and I am the faculty student assessor for Humanities. As a student assessor, you serve as the link between students and the Faculty Board. You are a member of the Faculty Board and thus discuss faculty policies with the board and policy advisors. My primary focus is on education and student affairs. It's very exciting, but above all, a lot of fun! I am very grateful for the opportunity to contribute to our wonderful faculty in the coming year.

Else Kranenburg, Assessor of the Department of Philosophy and Religion.

My name is Else, and I have the privilege of serving as the Department Assessor for Philosophy and Religious Studies for this academic year. I am currently pursuing a degree in Liberal Arts & Sciences with a focus on Educational Sciences. Prior to this, I spent some time studying for a teaching qualification. I am excited to further explore the field of education, and this role aligns perfectly with my interests.

Improving education and increasing student engagement are topics that greatly resonate with me. I hope to contribute to making student representation more visible, ensuring that every student knows where to turn with ideas about education and feels heard. I look forward to working for the students of the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies this year!



Michelle Moonen, Department Assessor for the Department of History and Art History

Hello! My name is Michelle Moonen, and in the upcoming year, I will be taking on the role of Department Assessor for History and Art History. I am currently pursuing degrees in History and English Language and Culture, and this year, I will be working on my thesis for both programs. Additionally, I serve as a student assistant for the Humanities Honours Programme.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to contribute to my department this year. My main focus will be on student well-being, particularly that of first-generation students. I also aim to help revitalize the sense of community within the History and Art History programs.


Cédric Rath, Department Assessor for Media and Cultural Studies

Hello there! I'm Cédric Rath, a 22-year-old Musicology student who will be serving as the Department Assessor for Media and Culture Studies this year! I'm a true music enthusiast, but I'm equally passionate about everything else our department has to offer. After focusing on Western music history and music media, I'm currently immersing myself in the world of theatre studies and pursuing an additional minor at ArtEZ.

I've had the opportunity to contribute within my own field of study by participating in various advisory committees, and this experience has inspired me to expand my dedication and responsible involvement to our entire department! Alongside the other assessors, I will approach how we can enhance these humanities environments from a student perspective. See you soon!


Myrthe Brouwers, Department Assessor for Languages, Literature, and Communication

Nice to meet you! I'm Myrthe, a third-year student of Dutch Language and Culture, and I was part of the Dutch Student Council (OC) last year. I found it so interesting that I applied for the position of Department Assessor. In the coming year, my main focus will be on student well-being and the promotion/awareness of student representation. In addition to this role, I'm pursuing a minor in Educational Sciences, and in my free time, I'm actively involved with SV Awater and a member of the student swimming club, Het Zinkstuk. I'm very excited to contribute to you, the students!