The Student Assessors Humanities 2022-2023 introduce themselves

At the start of each academic year, the Faculty of Humanities receives 5 new student-assessors: a student assessor for Humanities faculty and 4 department assessors. They will advice the faculty board and the department boards respectively on student and educational matters. You can get to know them below!

Chiara Stam, student assessor Humanities faculty

Imke van Dam

Hi, my name is Chiara Stam and this year I will be the student-assessor of the Faculty of Humanities. I am so happy and grateful that I get to take up this position this year, I can't wait to do my bit for this fine faculty.

I study Media and Culture myself and I have been very active within the university. For instance, I have been president of study association AKT and chairman of the student section of the Humanities Faculty Council. Last year, I was on the University Council.

"Learning how a large organisation works"

Not only do I find governing incredibly fun, I also find it very interesting to learn exactly how such a large organisation like a faculty is put together administratively. I am extremely happy that we can start the academic year 'normally' again after several covid years.

Focus on connection between students

Next year, I want to focus on the connection between students, but also between students and the faculty. I will also focus on diversity and inclusion in every possible way in policy. I believe the faculty should be a place where everyone feels comfortable!

I am really looking forward to getting involved in this and representing the students.


Melle Berg, department assessor departement History and Art History

Departementsassessor GKG, Melle Berg
Melle Berg

I am Melle Berg, and in the coming year I will take on the role of departmental assistant professor in History and Art History for a second time. I study History, with a preference for economic and social history. In recent years, I have gained UU administrative knowledge in the 2020-2021 Faculty Council and since then as an assessor at HAH. Next year, I would like to work for student welfare and the promotion of co-determination.

I was born in Utrecht and throughout my life have never lived more than ten kilometres as the crow flies from the Dom tower. So my life largely takes place in and around our beautiful 'stadie'. In my spare time, I enjoy fencing and I am also administratively and politically active, for instance as chairman of Schermvereniging Pallós and chairman of the Politiekfabriek Utrecht (the cooperation organisation of all political youth organisations in Utrecht).


Marieke Rotman, department assessor Languages, Literature and Communication

Marieke Rotman

Dia dhuit! My name is Marieke Rotman (20) and this academic year I am the departmental assistant professor of the Department of Languages, Literature and Communication. I am currently a third-year student in Celtic languages and culture and enjoy being on the board of Asterix, our study association. Last year, as a note-taker, I attended many CC meetings of different programmes, which sparked my interest in student representation. I like to be involved in the student perspective and I am looking forward immensely to getting involved for the student!


Kes Wieringa, department assessor Media and Culture Studies

Departementsassessor MCW, Kes Wieringa
Kes Wieringa

Hello, my name is Kes Wieringa, 22 years old, and I am the departmental assessor of the Department of Media and Culture Studies. This is my second year as an assessor and I hope to take my knowledge from last year into this year. I do Media and Culture and the Journalism minor. Apart from being an assessor, I have also been the education commissioner of the board of study association AKT for a year. Last year, I engaged in focus groups: conversations about the shift from online to physical education and about student welfare. I would therefore like to get involved in student welfare again this year.


Max van den Bos, department assessor Philosophy and Religious Studies

Max van den Bos

Hi, I am Max van den Bos and this year I am the student-assessor of the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies! With my background in finance, economics and marketing, I have chosen to further develop myself in a different way. Thus, last academic year I successfully completed the premaster Applied Ethics and this year I will start both the master Applied Ethics and the premaster History of Politics and Society. Acting as a spider in the web is nothing new for me, which is why I will be delighted to dedicate myself to helping students at the University this year!