The Student Assessors Humanities 2021-2022 introduce themselves

At the start of each academic year, the Faculty of Humanities receives 5 new student-assessors: a student assessor for Humanities faculty and 4 department assessors. They will advice the faculty board and the department boards respectively on student and educational matters. You can get to know them below!

Imke van Dam, student assessor Humanities faculty

Student-assessor Geesteswetenschappen Imke van Dam
Imke van Dam

Hi, I am Imke van Dam and this year I am the Faculty of Humanities' student-assessor! I am looking forward to it, from getting to know you all to contributing to this beautiful faculty! I am currently a fourth-year student in English Language and Culture and I have kept myself busy within the study association Albion since my first year. I have been on the board as chairman for a year, which suited me fine. I like studying best when I'm doing something on the side, so this year I'm going to keep myself busy for you as a student.

Focus on student participation

I will focus on the distribution of student grants at the study associations and the reputation of the employee participation. I want to focus on the second point, to see if more students will eventually know more about all types of participation! So if you have any ideas or would like to talk to me about this, you can reach me by e-mail.

I also love meeting everyone, so if you want to get to know me, let me know!


Melle Berg, department assessor departement History and Art History

Departementsassessor GKG, Melle Berg
Melle Berg

I am Melle L. Berg and this year I will fulfill the role of Department Assessor at History and Art History. I am a bachelor student in History, with a preference for economic and social history. As a member of the faculty council, I have already learned a lot last year about the functioning of the participation, the faculty and the department of History and Art History.

I was born in Utrecht, but have lived in Houten for almost all my life. In my spare time, I enjoy fencing and I am also active on the board, including as chairman of the Pallós Fencing Association, chairman of the Utrecht Political Factory (the cooperative organisation of all political youth organisations in Utrecht) and national chairman of the participation party The Free Student.


Demi Bartels, department assessor Languages, Literature and Communication

Departementsassessor TLC Demi Bartels
Demi Bartels

Shwmae! My name is Demi Bartels (22). Last year I completed my BA in Celtic Languages and Culture, this year I started the MA in Professioneel Vertalen, English track. During my BA, I was a student member of the OC Celtic for two years, as well as chairman of study association Asterix. As OC member and board member you already get a lot of knowledge of the department, administration and policy, which appealed to me.

In addition, I find participation and sharing the student perspective extremely important, so I wanted to work on that at a higher level. Like my predecessor, I strive to be an accessible point of contact and an active representative of the student perspective.

Representing students' interests

Of course, going back to physical education will be a challenge this year that will require a lot of creative thinking; I hope to be able to represent the interests of students in this. I also hope to explore professionalism within the evaluation process and internship opportunities within the BA programmes this year.

I find personal contact very important, so do not hesitate to send an email if you have questions or remarks, but also just for a pleasant conversation.


Kes Wieringa, department assessor Media and Culture Studies

Departementsassessor MCW, Kes Wieringa
Kes Wieringa

Hello, my name is Kes Wieringa, 21 years old, and I am the new Department Assessor of the Department of Media and Culture Studies. Last year I was the Education Commissioner of study association AKT, of Media and Culture. This has already given me the opportunity to get to know the university better as a student, but I am looking forward to getting to know it even more.

Intermediary between student and university

This year, I would like to dedicate myself to the quality of education and to the contact between programme committees and the university. I am also looking forward to the shift from online education to physical education, or rather, the return to it. I am very much looking forward to my role between the student and the university.


Nikè van Wijck, department assessor Philosophy and Religious Studies

departementsassessor F&R, Nikè van Wijck
Nikè van Wijck

I am Nikè van Wijck, 23 years old and this academic year Assessor of the Department of Philosophy and Religion. In June I graduated from the Bachelor in Philosophy and now I am starting the Master in Applied Ethics. Last academic year I was a student mentor for first year students, supporting new students with education-related and personal issues, guiding them through the university and helping them develop study skills. In addition, as a student assistant, I have been able to support lecturers in their work for the past two years.

Improving the quality of education

These experiences within the university have allowed me to take a look into the world of bachelor and master students, which has given me a broad view on education and how students and teachers experience this. This year, I would like to dedicate myself to efficient and pleasant communication between students and lecturers, with the main objective of improving the quality of education. In recent years, my interest in education has grown strongly and I think that my position as departmental assistant fits in well with this.

Do you have questions, do you want to raise something or do you have suggestions for the improvement of the department or the programmes? Feel free to send me an email!