26 March 2020

The Skills Lab helps students at home!

In case studying or writing your papers and essays at home doesn’t work out for you these days, you can — still — make an appointment at the Skills Lab for digital writing tutoring and study coaching. Appointments with one of our peer-to-peer coaches will now take place via video software (like Microsoft Teams or Skype). Just in these times, we keep emphasizing that it works well to have a chat with someone other than your roommate or family members about how your writing is going, or about your planning or study process. For more information and how to make an appointment, go to our site: www.uu.nl/skillslab.
Furthermore, you can find on our website tips to study and write at home, so you can quickly get to work yourself.
Let us know if you have any other questions by sending an email: skillslab@uu.nl.