The Novel Project: Writing a Novel as a collective

Twelve UCU students are writing a book together

Maro A. Savvides
Maro A. Savvides, The editor-in-chief of the novel project

The Novel Project is an annual multi-author book aimed at exemplifying the diversity and cooperation of University College Utrecht students’ creative writing styles.

This project was started with the aim of giving students a platform to gain experience in writing at a higher level of fiction whilst not having to detract from their academic and social lives. Each chapter is a different writer-editor duo and there are multiple ways to become involved in the project.

Maro A. Savvides, the editor-in-chief of the project, explains more: “I have been a member of The Novel Project since its founding in 2019. This is my third year with the project, and each year I’ve been the head editor. The role of the head editor is to ensure that all chapters come together to form one cohesive text without sacrificing each writer’s unique flair.”

The founding board is two University College Utrecht alumni; Valentina Esconjauregui and Daphe Galloux. While they wanted to write a novel individually, they wanted to experiment with a more communal approach, writing a novel as a collective. They approached the UCSA board through the new initiatives fund.

Since its beginning, two books have been printed, and the third is on its way.

“Our biggest goal is to give students something that they can hold and share with their family and friends as well as present in their future career endeavors. We also wish to have a collection of books that will grow over the years and offer students the opportunity to leave their mark,” Maro says.

The project invites students to write and edit but also to read. It offers students with different interests in writing, editing, publishing, and photography to collaborate.

All profits made during the book sales are donated to the University College Utrecht scholarship fund.