29 May 2020

The Icon Species Exhibit

Utrecht Science Park (USP) is home to a great number of ecosystems. It contains woodlands, fields, ponds, ditches, banks and so on. Keeping these ecosystems healthy with plenty of life, growth and food requires biodiversity. And lots of it.

Meet the Icon Species

When we talk about nature, we often use words like ‘harmony’ and ‘balance’. This has a very fundamental reason. Plants and animals keep their habitats happy and healthy and their habitats reward them with food and shelter. It is very much like a balancing scale. Ecosystems depend on animals and plants. In turn, they depend on their habitat.

To strengthen the ecosystems and level of biodiversity in Utrecht Science Park, Utrecht University established a list of species called Icon Species that they’re going to monitor and try to accommodate, making sure they’re well-presented in Utrecht Science Park.

Why Icon Species

Icon Species indicate the health and fruition of the ecosystems they inhabit. Their presence shows not only that this species can survive and thrive in an area, but that many other species are present as well (because they f.e. feed on those species). Also, these species all have unique abilities that contribute to the health of their habitat.

The Icon Species Exhibit shines a light on the Icon Species. Download the clickable PDF below, learn about these animals and why they’re of great importance for Utrecht Science Park.

This project is a collaboration between the Green Office and the Utrecht Biologists Association (UBV).