The Da Vinci Programme

Student team working on the De Vinci Project

The Da Vinci Programme offers an immersive learning experience that enables students to become a changemaker, connector, and an innovator that contributes to the transition towards a sustainable world. In collaboration with private and public partners, you will tackle real-life sustainability challenges.

An interdisciplinary approach

In this interdisciplinary course, Master’s students will work together in a team on one of five sustainability challenges in collaboration with external partners. Master students from all disciplines are welcome to join.

You will work part time at a stakeholder’s (partner organization) location. All teams will be mentored by supervisors from the partner organizations and by a coach from university. During the programme weekly workshops will be offered, supporting the students in the process for solving the challenge. Through the workshops students will be trained in design thinking, systems thinking and interdisciplinary collaboration. The coach will support them on a personal development journey.

Programme details


September 9th, 2024


February 7th, 2025

Study load

30 EC



Live events

Dates of the live events will follow.


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The official registration will start on the 3rd of June 2024. We will send you the registration link when the registration starts. The registration deadline is the 21st of June 2024. We accept a maximum of 30 students In case the number of applicants exceeds the maximum, a selection will be done by the coordinators of the programme, based on three aspects:

  • We aim to create interdisciplinary student teams, which means ideally an equal representation of alpha, beta, and gamma sciences. Some challenges require certain disciplines and for some challenges particular disciplines are more desirable than others.
  • Students must submit a video with their motivation when they register for the programme.
  • Students that have registered and submitted a sufficient quality motivation video will be invited for an interview and will be asked to perform an assignment. Based on the criteria of composing the best interdisciplinary teams, the quality of the motivation, the interview and the assignment, the coordinators retain the right to reject students.

Online information sessions

Do you want more information about the Da Vinci programme? Visit the online information sessions.

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