22 January 2019

The Bio-based Innovation Student Challenge Europe

In the EU there is growing attention for the transition towards a bio-based economy. To support this, TKI-BBE is organizing the Bio-based Innovation Student Challenge-Europe (BISC-E).

What is BISC-E?
BISC-E is a competition where students are challenged to develop a bio-based product or process. Student teams design a bio-based innovation matching sustainability, economic viability and technical feasibility criteria. For students it is beneficial to work in a creative way on a multidisciplinary assignment while learning more about bio-based developments. The challenge is open for all university students and final year University of Applied Sciences (HBO) students. This challenge starts as a Dutch competition and the winning Dutch team will compete at European level with other national winners. For more information and to register visit: www.bisc-e.eu.

The organization of BISC-E is led by TKI-BBE (Topconsortium voor Kennis- en Innovatie Biobased Economy, www.tki-bbe.nl). Besides governments, research and industry it is important to involve education in the transition towards a bio-based economy. TKI-BBE aims to inspire students for the bio-based economy and make students acquainted with the multidisciplinary approach required for a career in the bio-based field.

Register now
Do you want to design a creative bio-based solution in a multidisciplinary student team? The Bio-based Innovation Student Challenge Europe (BISC-E) encourages students to explore the emerging bio-based work field while developing a new bio-based product or process. Are you up or the challenge? Register now at www.bisc-e.eu!