7 October 2019

Test your password and get a free iPad!

Foto van iPads

Things aren't always what they seem. Like the message above! That's also how phishing works: with an attractive but false message, you are tempted to hand over your personal details or money.

Think it could never happen to you? Think again!

Utrecht University's Information Security team is here to help you stay secure. As part of this effort, there is now a new webpage with tips and information. External threats might seem like something that ‘only happens to other people’, but anyone can fall victim. We do our best to prevent this by helping one another with online security.

Information security

We have listed important facts about information security for you on our website. Visit the website for answers to various questions, such as:

  • How do I choose good passwords, and above all: how do I remember them?
  • Where can I safely store my data?
  • How do I secure my own computer?

During Safety Week, you will see our (super-sized) posters in various locations: with a fun take on serious practical topics. See you soon on the website!