Ten science students receive prizes from KHMW

Master's thesis and incentive award winners Koninklijke Hollandsche Maatschappij der Wetenschappen (KHMW)

Award ceremony Sofie van Dorst Photo: Vera Duivenvoorden

On 27 November, The Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities (KHMW) presented 67 incentive awards to first-year students and 20 graduation awards to Master's students. There were three Science faculty winners among the Master's thesis awards and seven among the incentive awards this year.

Read more about the winners and their thesis topics in this article: from molecules inside a cell, Shadow-IT, to l-adic cohomology.

Master's thesis award winners

Sofie van Dorst (Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences)

Sofie was one of the Young Talent winners. She won the first prize in the Life Sciences category. She told the KHWM a bit more about her research in an interview (read below).

Award ceremony Floris Jansen

Floris Jansen (Business Informatics)

Floris won a shared second prize in the Computer Science and Information Science category.

Award ceremony Victor de Vries

Victor de Vries (Mathematical Sciences)

Victor won the Young Talent graduation prize in the Mathematics category.

Incentive awards (for first-year students)


  • Vera Langeberg – Artificial Intelligence
  • Finn van Wordragen – Biology
  • Bram Schouten – Pharmacy or Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Fleur Leenders – Computer Science and Technical Informatics
  • Niek Wilms – Physics and Applied Physics
  • David Rijneveld – Chemistry
  • Jelle Bloemendaal – Mathematics and Technical Mathematics

More info, video and jury reports can be found on the KHMW website.

About KHMW

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