24 October 2018

Taskforce Student Well-being

Many students experience stress, study and performance pressure. This can be concluded from national research, and is also indicated by student counselors and the students themselves. On the initiative of the student members of the University Council, the Executive Board of Utrecht University set up the Student Well-being Taskforce.

The Student Well-being Taskforce focuses on awareness and prevention. How do you deal with pressure? How do you ensure that healthy stress does not become negative stress?

Do you have ideas or have you heard of good initiatives? Let us know via our mail address: studentwellbeing@uu.nl or talk to one of the members of the Taskforce:

  • Franka Baardman (student Utrecht Law College in 2017-2018)
  • Nicky Cornelissen (student Pharmacy)
  • Nikki Fredriksz (student Utrecht Law College)
  • Gwenny Jongbloed (student Social Sciences)
  • Danial Mirkarimi (student of Law)
  • Sven Rouschop (student History)
  • Kristiane Stoyanov (student University College Utrecht)
  • Marieke de Bakker (Head of Student Counselling UU)
  • Mark Baldwin (Student Life Officer UCU)
  • Lotje Brouwer (Lecturer Social Sciences)
  • Titia de Kramer (Lecturer in Law)
  • Nicole Mastenbroek (Lecturer of Veterinary Medicine)
  • Jerre Mijnarends (Student Psychologist)
  • Annerieke Oosterwegel (lecturer in Psychology)
  • Support: Astrid Teunissen (secretary), Britt ten Bergen (student-assistant)