Take one of these courses at the Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome

The Neo-Renaissance villa of the KNIR in Rome

Are you interested in Italian art and history, or would you like to broaden your horizons and do something completely different from usual? In the summer and autumn of 2023, you can do just that at the Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome (KNIR).

Discover Rome

What's special about these courses is that you'll be taking them in Rome itself. From the majestic villa of the KNIR and its surroundings, you'll learn about Rome and Italy, and the influence and significance of Italy and Italian culture. You'll be part of an interdisciplinary group, so expect English as the main language, unless otherwise indicated on the website.


You can still quickly sign up for the following courses:

International Summer School: Shakespeare's Rome (SRISS)

Shakespeare devoted five plays and a poem to Ancient Rome, which you'll extensively study during the course. You'll also visit places that inspired Shakespeare's work and go on excursions to archaeological sites and theaters. You'll be equipped with various methodological tools to conduct intercultural and interdisciplinary research on Shakespeare's Rome.

Course: Byzantine Rome

During this course, you'll discover more about the lesser-known period of Roman history: the period between Antiquity and the Middle Ages (400-1,000 AD) takes center stage. The course provides a broader perspective on Rome, shedding light on the entire Mediterranean world and its influence on the city.

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