Supervisor of the Year event

Nominate your supervisor!

Within our School, we have hundreds of supervisors involved in the daily supervision of your projects. Yearly, we read in evaluations and surveys great comments and practices related to supervision that make us proud. Therefore, the GSLS is organizing a Supervisor of the Year event to celebrate and share best practices of supervision with you and your supervisors.

To do this, we need your help because you are the best to determine what makes your supervisor so great. This could be your current supervisor or a supervisor from a previous project; you can nominate either of them. We would like to know what makes your supervisor stand out, so we can inspire other supervisors and students with your experience!

How to nominate your supervisor?
Fill out this form. You can nominate your supervisor until November 15th. Once all the nominations are in, a jury will look at all submissions and make a selection. You might then be invited for a short interview about your supervisor. We will compile all the gathered information and make an overview of best practices from a student perspective. Even though this event is more about inspiring rather than winning, we will select a Supervisor of the Year out of all your nominations.  

Save the date: January 26th 2023!
During the LS seminar on January 26th, we will bring students and supervisors together to share all the best practices we have learned and hand out the Supervisor of the Year award. A keynote speaker will give a talk about supervision, which is interesting for both students and supervisors. 

We hope to see you all during this event and that you nominate the supervisor that you were/are really grateful for! If you have any questions, please get in touch with us at