Super deal: a free one-month OlymPas

Do you still have New Year's resolutions to stay fit and healthy? And do you want unlimited sports for a month for free? Then Olympos has a nice promotion for new members!

Een persoon die buiten een klimwand beklimt.

Free monthly pass (no obligations)

Olympos currently has a great promotion: new* sportsmen and women receive one month of free sports as a gift, with no further obligations. All you have to do is come to Olympos' sports desk to have your OlymPas monthly card created.

*new athlete means: have not (had) an OlymPas since 1 January 2023.

Option: discounted annual pass

As a new member who wishes to continue exercising after the free first month, you have the option of purchasing an annual OlymPas at 10% discount (not compulsory). For UU students, the discounted rate is 144 euro. Together with the free month, you can then sport for 13 months for only 144 euro.

Mensen in een sportzaal doen mee aan een workout.

Already have an OlymPas? Bring a friend and both get a free month

You can also benefit if you already have an OlymPas. If you bring a friend who doesn't know Olympos yet (or didn't recently have an OlymPas, i.e. not after 1 Jan 2023), come to Olympos' sports desk together and both receive a month of free sports!

  • Check out for more information! 
  • You can only take advantage of this promotion at the sports desk of Olympos, not online.
  • This promotion runs until 29 February 2024.
  • Check out the wide range of sports you can take part in with your OlymPas.