13 October 2021

Success Stories Festival 2021

When we talk about government, we often talk about failures and crises. It is good to point out malpractice, but at the same time we need to know which attempts actually do work. The government often turns to formal reports and impressive figures to prove what is going well, while anecdotes, stories and personal examples are much more powerful.

Utrecht University therefore organises the Success Stories Festival 2021 in cooperation with the Vereniging voor Bestuurskunde, the Vereniging voor Overheidsmanagement and Platform O.

(For more information: https://www.uu.nl/en/events/success-stories-festival-2021.)

This festival aims to collect true stories of public sector successes. A professional jury consisting of Libris Literature Prize winner Murat Isik and public administration expert Mirko Noordegraaff (among others) will choose and present the best story. The writer of this story receives 250 euros.

All bachelor and master students are invited to submit a true success story before 22 October to succesverhalen@uu.nl (preferably in Dutch or English). We look forward to hear from you!