Submit your idea for a mural on the Utrecht Science Park

Utrecht Science Park is exploding with student life, but something is still missing: colorful artwork.Thanks to two Lijst VUUR students from the University Council, this will soon change. With the support of NPO funds, a mural will soon be realized on one of the Utrecht Science Park buildings. This will enrich the campus with art and strengthen a sense of student community.


Our mission is to create lasting community connections with a vibrant and colorful campus environment. With artwork, Utrecht Science Park will become a more inspiring place to study and live in. Also, by asking students what they wanted represented, the mural artwork will act as a unifying feature of Science Park and will foster generations of students that feel connected to their university community. As students of Lijst VUUR, we are proud to have initiated such an important project.

Theme of the Mural

The theme of the mural must be one that appeals to a large part of the UU community and one that will continue to do so for multiple generations of students. It must be a theme that suits Utrecht University and its community and that gives room for inspiration.

JanIsDeMan met een van zijn muurschilderingen: een woordzoeker.

Give your idea or opinion

We feel it is essential to ask our community what they would like to see painted. We are very curious to hear your ideas and opinions. You can let us know through Instagram polls where we hear student’s opinions. For two weeks, we will post stories in which you can respond with a nice theme for the mural. Once we have enough themes, we set up a vote where the favorite themes will be chosen by you.

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Don't have an Instagram right now? Then of course it is also possible to share ideas via email:

#BacktoBetter Funding

Funding for the mural will come from Utrecht University's NPO funds. The National Education Program (NPO) was created with the goal of fostering student wellbeing and repairing the weak community connections caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thanks to this funding, we will create a mural artwork that makes our campus more inspiring and expressive. We would also like to extend our thanks to Vastgoed and Campus who have been indispensable in this process.

About the Artist

Creating the mural obviously requires craftsmanship. JanIsDeMan, whose murals can already be admired locally in Utrecht and internationally in Europe, was therefore enthusiastically asked to be part of our mural project.

Starting as a rebel in 1997 with a can of spray-paint in hand, he has now expanded his craft to realistic mural artworks that bend the mind with their 3D illusions. He has given houses personalities with googly eyes and revealed bookshelves in our walls. With every location, he breathes life into the environment with his artwork. You can see his artwork at: