28 August 2017

Student website increasingly highly rated by students

A survey conducted among students in the last academic year again reveals that you are satisfied with the student website and the MyUU app. You give the website an average score of 7.3 out of 10 (2016: 7.1) and your score for the MyUU app is even higher at 7.6. This is great news for all the colleagues at the University who devote time and energy to the website and the app on a daily basis.

How often do you use the site and the app?

First-year students give the student site a higher score than their more senior counterparts and are also more frequent users of it. As many as 41% of students say that they view the site weekly or more often and 25% visit it every month. The MyUU app is used even more intensively: 76% of students use it weekly or more often. There are also some students who say that they do not use or are unfamiliar with the site; together, they account for 19% of respondents. When asked about the MyUU app, 10% of students say that they never use the app.

How do you search for information?

When visiting the website, students are most likely to use a computer (laptop or desktop): 72 %. A total of 25% use a mobile telephone to visit the site. More than 70% of users reach the site via a search engine, primarily Google. The terms that are searched for most often are ‘timetable’, ‘printing’, ‘minor’, ‘library’ and ‘holiday’. The most frequently-visited programme pages are Veterinary Medicine, Psychology and Medicine.

Are you satisfied with the information?

The results show that, overall, you are satisfied with the information on the student site and with the length and style of the texts. However, you feel that there are too many different communication tools. In addition to the student site and the MyUU app, there are also Blackboard, Osiris and the UU mail, for example. Many of you would prefer to have a single place from which to access tools and information about the programme. You would also like to have greater clarity about what you can find where, which can vary somewhat depending on the degree programme or course. Overall, you are highly satisfied with the information in the MyUU app, although you would also like to be able to access an overview of your academic progress and to complete course evaluations.

What further improvements can be made?

In the upcoming period, we are working on the following improvements:

  • Transforming the student site homepage into a portal on which all of the tools that you use frequently can be accessed conveniently. For this, we are using visitor information, such as subjects that are frequently searched for.
  • Reaching agreement with lecturers and colleagues at the student information desks on what information will be offered in which application or tool, so that you can find the information you are looking for more quickly.
  •  Implementing a promotion plan to raise awareness of the student site, with information on the screens in the buildings and flyers at student information desks and handed out by study advisors. 

Student site and MyUU app

The student website students.uu.nl was completely revamped in 2015. It provides students with the information they need to be able to study. Every year, students are surveyed on their experience of the site, and the results are compared to visitor information statistics. After a successful pilot in the Faculty of Humanities, the MyUU app was made available to all Utrecht University students in September 2016. They can use it to access the latest information about their timetable, grades and the digital student card.

Any questions?

E-mail studentensite@uu.nl or contact the student communications officer in your faculty:
Science: Mylène van Haaften, m.e.c.j.vanhaaften@uu.nl
Veterinary Medicine: Renske Belt, r.belt@uu.nl
Social and Behavioural Science: Ivo Klamer, i.t.klamer@uu.nl
Geosciences: Laura Meewis, L.Meewis@uu.nl
Medicine: Linda Hofstra, l.p.hofstra@umcutrecht.nl
Humanities: Sander van Marissing, S.vanMarissing@uu.nl
Law, Economics and Governance: Sanne Mees, s.mees@uu.nl
University College Utrecht: Joni Prescher, j.prescher@uu.nl