13 June 2019

Student site and MyUU app rated well by students again

During the past winter, a survey was carried out on satisfaction with the student site and the MyUU app. A questionnaire allowed students to express their opinions. On average, students gave the student site a score of 7.4 and the MyUU app a score of 7.8.

We thank everyone who completed the questionnaire. The gift voucher winners have now been notified.

Some striking results:

  • The more recently students had started, the higher the score they gave to the student site.
  • First- and second-year students in particular say that they often visit the student site.
  • 6% of students say they never look at the student site. About a quarter of this group report not knowing the student site.
  • The majority of students find the structure of the student site clear and the design pleasant.
  • Students themselves indicate that they are mostly looking for information about printing, schedules, the library, Blackboard, minors, and courses/subjects on the student site.
  • Only a small proportion of the students read news and calendar messages.


  • 88% of students use the MyUU app at least weekly.
  • 4% of students do not use the MyUU app.
  • 91% of students are satisfied or very satisfied with the information the app provides.
  • 88% of students are satisfied or very satisfied with the app’s user-friendliness.

Will you also give your opinion?

Although the website has been judged positively, we are always striving to improve it. That’s why we want to hear what you think of the student site. What are you satisfied with? What do you like less? You can always give your opinion by using the feedback button to the right of the screen, or by emailing studentsite@uu.nl.