Student evaluation education & corona block 1

Because of the specific circumstances duo to COVID-19, extra evaluations have been carried out among students and teachers. Students who have taken the time to complete the evaluations are sincerely thanked. These experiences are very important for the university and various measures are taken based on the results. The report of the student evaluation in period 1 2021-2022 can be found here (pdf in Dutch).

Some important results from the student evaluations are:

  • Students have great appreciation for teachers' guidance and the education provided in general.
  • Students report experiencing loneliness, difficulty concentrating and less motivation. In the most recent evaluation we can see a slight improvement. This is probably due to the that fact that there were fewer restrictions in period 1 compared to previous evaluations.
  • The need for social elements as part of education, such as interaction and bonding with fellow students is high.

These results show that support from Utrecht University in the areas of motivation, concentration and coping with stress remains of great importance. The Student Wellbeing work program is currently being evaluated and further developed. Next to this training for students in study skills is being created.

More information about help and support can be found on our students website. UU offers an extended (weekly) training- and support programme existing of various trainings, workshops and leasure activities within and outside the university. Together with Parnassos, Olympos and external initiatives such as Frisse Gedachtes, UU contributes to improving the student well-being. Coming May, the second well-being week will take place where a lot of (new) activities and activities will be organized to create awareness and focus on student well-being.