2 July 2020

Student counseling: where to find a listening ear

We face times that come with great challenges and adaptations for all of us. You may feel a desire to talk about this with someone. Many members of faculty are ready to help you. You can find an overview of who can assist you with which matter down below. Be sure to know that you are welcome to share anything; discuss problems in your academic and/or personal life, but also have a nice conversation on something you care about – they will be all ears. 

Academic counsellor

With any question or problem you might have, concerning your study or something else, you can contact an academic counsellor. For example: questions on study delay, illness, performance anxiety and mediation with teachers or the Board of Examiners.


How do I handle all these changes? How do I stay motivated and make decisions that suit me? How can I maintain a proper study/work/personal life balance and do I make sure I monitor my wishes and limits? For these and other questions, you can turn to the coach. She is also your go-to if you just want to tell your story.

Student psychologist

You can get in touch with a student psychologist to help you solve personal and study related problems that affect your study progress.

Caring Universities

Do you want to know about your stress level and mood? Fill out the survey and discuss – if desired – the results with an e-coach or our own faculty coach.

Career Services

For advice on your career, orientation in jobs, reviewing your CV, application letter and LinkedIn profile or practicing a job interview, you can make an appointment with one of our career officers.

Skills Lab

Due to the current situation all students have to study from home. Because you are much more  dependent on yourself at home, studying effectively can prove to be a lot more difficult. The Skills Lab may help you out with this.

No need for help, but want to get started on your own? Utrecht University made an overview with tips and tricks.