18 March 2019

Student Council of the Faculty of Medicine is looking for candidates!

Are you a student with a critical view on education? Are you curious about the ‘behind the scene’s  at your faculty? Then we are looking for you!

Soon you can put yourself forward as a candidate for the Student Council (Studentenraad) of the medical faculty. In this message you can read more about the Student Council and how you can become a member. Together with staff members, the Student Council advises the board of our faculty and the board of directors of the UMC Utrecht on matters concerning academic education and research. During formal meetings and informal gatherings, we present the student’s perspective to the Dean of the faculty. Through the Council, students have a direct influence on the course of our faculty’s programs. Topics include, for instance:

  • Teaching and Examination Regulations;
  • Faculty budget;
  • Policy and strategy of the UMC Utrecht in the areas education and research;
  • Well-being, including burn-out prevention;
  • Academic skills education and Internationalisation;
  • Facilities, amongst them the bicycle parking spots.

The Student Council can also freely address any other topic it wishes. We can always appeal to our rights of initiative.

The Student Council makes sure the students' wishes are heard at the right places within the organization and together with staff members they reflect on faculty-wide challenges.
Pim Teeuwen
Chair Student Council

Becoming a member of the Student Council will broaden your perspective and provide you with the opportunity to become acquainted with a large and lively organisation. You will learn how to make sure your voice is heard, how to convert large amounts of information into tangible advice, and how to quickly form an opinion regarding policy matters. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to improve your faculty! The Student Council activities comprise around 6 hours per week.

Dutch language

All formal documents from Utrecht University and the UMC Utrecht are in Dutch. Therefore, in order to be a member of the Student Council, a passive command of the Dutch language is required. If you are unsure whether your command of Dutch is sufficient for a Council membership, please contact the Student Council. They also know what trainings there are available for English council-members.

Interested? Run for the Student Council!

Students are elected in the Student Council by general elections, in which all students of our faculty can cast their vote. To run as a candidate, you could join one of the existing candidate lists or establish your own.

Additional information session

Would you like to know more about the Student Council membership or the elections? Join our information session. These sessions will take place:

  • Tuesday March 12th, 5 to 6 pm and 7 to 8 pm.
  • Monday March 25th, 5 to 6 pm and 7 to 8 pm.

Please sign up for the information session by sending an e-mail to studentenraad@umcutrecht.nl.

Application deadline: April 18th 2019

Your application must be delivered before April 18th, 5pm. Please deliver your application documents via e-mail (studentenraad@umcutrecht.nl) or in the office’s mailbox in office G.01.246 (near the pharmacy in the UMC Utrecht).

Please contact the Student Council (studentenraad@umcutrecht.nl) in case you have any further questions. Candidacy forms can be found on this Student Council website (in Dutch).