12 October 2018

Stricter access policy in the library

During the coming exam period (15 October - 9 November) the university will run a pilot project with a stricter access policy. The study spaces in the library will be available for Utrecht University staff and students only.

Identification required

To get full access to the library buildings during the exam period you will need to identify yourself using any of the following proofs of identity:

  • UU Students
    - Valid (digital) UU student card with photo
    - Valid (digital) UU students card without photo together with a passport, ID card or driving license
  • UU staff / UMC Utrecht staff
    - Valid Utrecht University campus card / Valid UMC Utrecht employee card

If you are a UU/UMC student or staff member, but cannot show any of the IDs above, you will be asked to go to the service desk where library staff will check if you are registered.


For some time now, students have asked for more study spaces in the two locations of the university library during exam periods. Over the past few years the steady growth of the number of visitors (from 1.4 million in 2012 to 1.8 million in 2017) could be solved by creating more study places and introducing longer opening hours. But now, the University Library has reached its limit. There are 1,500 study spaces and in exam periods the library is open almost every day of the week from 8 a.m to 1 a.m, except Fridays and Saturdays.

“Hospitality is one of our key values”, says Anton Pijpers, President of the Executive Board. “However, it is shown that 40 % of the study spaces in exam periods is taken up by persons from outside the university. If Utrecht University students, who we want to offer excellent study programmes and who pay their tuition fees, cannot find a place to study in the library during these periods, the balance is lost. That is the reason for this pilot. At other moments the study spaces in the University Library will be open to all visitors and throughout the year, also during exam periods, the library will still be offering all its other services to all visitors.”