2 August 2018

Storage Update

Are you returning to campus for the Fall 2018 semester and do you have goods stored in storage? Find out when and how to retrieve your belongings. 

Pickup Dates

You can pick up stored items on the following dates from 19:00 - 20:00:

  • Friday, August 17th
  • Sunday, August 19th
  • Tuesday, August 21st
  • Wednesday, August 22nd
  • Friday, August 24th
  • Monday, August 27th
  • Wednesday, August 29th
  • Friday, August 31th (Last day!)

Pickup Procedure

  1. Since the storage space is small and cramped, it may be difficult to hand out your stuff early if it's stored in the back.
  2. Due to complaints of theft and damage, avoiding this will be prioritized over time efficiency.
  3. The storage team members on duty will guide you through the process. Please be patient with the new pickup system and listen carefully to the team's instructions.

Small items

If your small items are stored underneath bigger items, you may not be able to retrieve your stuff immediately. Only two people will be admitted into the storage area at any time because of aforementioned reasons.

Large items

If large items, e.g. a couch, is stored all the way in the back, you will not be allowed to retrieve it during the first shifts. Students who have their big items stored in the front will likely be notified before the first shifts to clear up space in the front.

The storage team is looking forward to seeing you soon. Thank you for patience and understanding.