Start Giro d'Utrecht en Utrecht Marathon 19 mei in USP

On Sunday 19 May next, the start of the cycling event Giro d'Utrecht and the Utrecht Marathon are planned in the Utrecht Science Park. These events have an impact on the USP's accessibility.

Giro d'Utrecht

Giro d'Utrecht is a cycling event for road cyclists with distances of 70, 110 or 150 km. All participants start at the car park (P6) at Padualaan, near Grand Café Living at the Utrecht Science Park. The start area is open to participants and the public from 07.30 in the morning and closes at 17.00 on the same day. During this time period, an occasional speaker with microphone will be heard and a band will perform on stage at this location in the afternoon.

Construction work

Construction activities will start on Saturday 18 May at the P6 Padualaan car park. This means we advise cyclists to avoid Padualaan on that day and use the cycle lane on Cambridgelaan.

For questions, contact us via the mail

Utrecht Marathon

On Sunday 19 May 2024, the 40th edition of the Utrecht Marathon will take place. An event in which thousands of runners will participate. The start and finish will be on Cambridgelaan, with build-up already partly started on Saturday.

Construction and closures

  • Friday 17 May build up fences on Cambridgelaan, all open to vehicular traffic.
  • Saturday 18 May build finish care and start boxes on Cambridgelaan and it will be closed to car traffic.

Car park Cambridgelaan

  • Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 May closed to vehicular traffic

Cambridgelaan and Helsinkilaan 

  • Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 May closed to vehicular traffic
  • Sunday 19 May closed to cycle traffic

Toulouselaan and Bolognalaan

  • Saturday 18 May open to vehicular and bicycle traffic
  • Sunday 19 May closed to vehicular and bicycle traffic

Residential flat between Toulouselaan and Cambridgelaan

  • Accessible to cars via Toulouselaan on Saturday 18 May
  • On Sunday 19 May, accessible to cyclists via Heidelberg Avenue (past the Spar) 


Sunday 19 May from 16:00 to 22:00 we will be dismantling, after which everything will be open again.

For more information on (temporary)  fastenings of streets during the Utrecht Marathon, please visit the website external link or by email via