Stand for election for the Humanities Faculty Council

Wish to have a say in the Humanities faculty’s policy?

Have you always wanted to have a say in the Humanities faculty's policy and organisation? Then put yourself forward as a candidate for the Faculty Council! You can do so between 6 March and 6 April 2023 at one of the student lists or by starting your own list. The elections are from 8 to 10 May. You will be elected for 1 year.

How to apply

You can stand for election in 2 ways:

You can stand for election if you are officially registered as a student at Utrecht University and thus included in the electoral register. Around 7 March, you will receive an email with a link to check whether you are included in the electoral register.

More information

Important dates

7 March until 6 April 2023

It is possible to nominate yourself as a candidate for the Faculty Council by joining an existing list or faction, or by establishing your own party. 

17 April 2023 10.00

Open session to establish the list of candidates.

8 until 10 May 2023 23.59

Faculty Council Elections.

12 May 2023 13.00

Open session to determine and announce the election results. 

The Faculty election Committee Humanities

  • Quirine van der Steen (chair)
  • Gerda Tenkink (secretary)
  • Chiara Stam (Student Assessor)

What is the Faculty Council?

The Humanities Faculty Council consists of 24 members: 12 staff members and 12 student members. The Faculty Council discusses issues such as faculty policy, quality assurance and the faculty’s organisation. The Faculty Council meets with the Faculty Board 6 times a year to discuss the state of affairs within the faculty. 

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