18 January 2021

Wish to have a say in the Humanities faculty’s policy?

Stand for election for the Humanities Faculty Council

Have you always wanted to have a say in the Humanities faculty's policy and organisation? Then put yourself forward as a candidate for the Faculty Council! You can do so between 8 and 18 March 2021 at one of the student lists or by starting your own list. The elections are from 6 to 8 April. You will be elected for 4 years.

How to apply

You can stand for election in 2 ways:

You can stand for election if you are officially registered as a student at Utrecht University and thus included in the electoral register. Before 18 March, you will receive an email with a link to check whether you are included in the electoral register.

Do you want to know more?

We will organise 3 information sessions:

You can attend these meetings via Microsoft Teams.

Go to https://faculteitsraad.wp.hum.uu.nl/kandidaatstelling/ or send an email the student section of the faculty council via Studentengeleding.gw@uu.nl

Important dates
Monday 8 March until Thursday 18 March 2021

It is possible to nominate yourself as a candidate for the Faculty Council by joining an existing list or faction, or by establishing your their own party. 

Monday 29 March 2021 10.00

Open session to establish the list of candidates.

Tuesday 6 until Thursday 8 April 2021 23.59

Faculty Council Elections.

Friday 9 April 2021 13.00

Open session to determine and announce the election results. 

The Faculty election Committee Humanities

  • Quirine van der Steen (chair)
  • Gerda Tenkink (secretary)
  • Wessel van Wijngaarden (Student Assessor)

What is the Faculty Council?

The Humanities Faculty Council consists of 24 members: 12 staff members and 12 student members. The Faculty Council discusses issues such as faculty policy, quality assurance and the faculty’s organisation. The Faculty Council meets with the Faculty Board 6 times a year to discuss the state of affairs within the faculty. 

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