18 February 2021

Stand for election for the Faculty Council of Science

This year, we will elect new members for our Faculty Council. These elections will take place from 6-8 April, 2021. Are you a motivated student who wants to be involved in discussions about issues that are important for our faculty? If so, then the Faculty Board would like to invite you to become a candidate!  

All students and employees at the Faculty of Science can become a member of the Faculty Council. The deadline to register your intent to become a candidate is 18 March 2021.

What does the Faculty Council do?
Joining the Faculty Council is an excellent way to gain a better understanding of the inner workings of our faculty and university, and influence future developments. You will advise the Faculty Board either upon their request or on the council’s own initiative, and have the opportunity to protect the staff’s and students’ interests at the highest level. For some important decisions, such as the general budget priorities and study programme regulations, the Faculty Council even has a right of consent. 

The Faculty Council consists of 14 members in total: one staff and one student member from each of the six departments, one general student member and one staff member on behalf of the supporting services. Students receive a compensation of one day per week for their work.

How to become a candidate?
There are two ways in which you can register your intent to become a candidate:

  • Join the party of the current council member representing your department. Please contact him/her for further information on how to register. Click for an overview of all members and their contact information.
  • Form your own party. Please contact the Election Committee for further information on how to register: science.kiescommissie@uu.nl

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Election Committee and/or the current members of the Faculty Council.

Would you rather be involved in discussions about issues at the university level? There is also a demand for University Council members. Please check the Elections page for more information.