Special offer: Coaching in nature – a walk in nature

Daniëlle Langendijk works as a nature coach and is also an alumni Human Geography. She will help you with questions about your study, career and wellbeing.

In her practice young people tell her often that they find it difficult to make the right choices. Experiencing a lot of stress and sometimes have depressed feelings. She’s happy to help you to relax in nature, get more overview and to find out what the next most suitable step is you can take. You can also ask other questions, questions that keep you occupied during this special time. Such as “Am I doing the right things” and “How do I get “away” from my laptop”. 


Daniëlle is offering an 1,5 hour of coaching outside (a walk in nature) at a reduced rate of 66 euros (normally 96 euros). You can sign up until the sixth of July, 2022 by sending an e-mail to Daniëlle at danielle.langendijk@gmail.com.

More information about Daniëlle or nature coaching can be found on her website.