4 June 2018

Application interdisciplinary honoursprogrammes open now

Special graduation ceremony for interdisciplinary honours students


On Monday 28 May 41 Master’s students graduated for their honoursprogramme GHIS in a very special way by throwing their graduationcaps in the air after the official ceremony.  The honoursprogramme Graduate Honours Interdisciplinary Seminars consists of a series of small-scale seminars about the focus areas and strategic themes of interdisciplinary UU research. The Master’s students get a closer understanding of what it means to carry out this research.

Every year about 45 students take part in this cross-faculty honoursprogramme. The topics are diverse, ranging from global health issues and transition towards sustainability, to trends in youth culture, and the philosophy of science.


Amongst students interdisciplinarity is also a hot topic. Cross-faculty, university-wide honoursprogrammes are considered to be a useful addition to a disciplinary study. The UU Honours College offers different programmes, both in Bachelor and in Master: next to the Descartes programme, Young Innovators en GHIS, an honours Leadership Programme will start in September.

UU Honours College

The UU Honours College offers motivated students the opportunity to enroll in an extra challenging and inspiring cross-faculty education programme besides their regular programmes. This education programme has a strong interdisciplinary character.

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