Sign up to volunteer as a Buddy!

Are you a student at the UU and would you like to contribute to the academic integration of refugee students?

You can then sign up to volunteer as a Buddy! Incluusion offers to refugee and asylum seekers students the chance to enroll in English taught UU courses for free (see Incluusion - Utrecht University for more info). We have launched the Buddy Program to help students get used to everyday life at Utrecht University. As a buddy, you can for example support them with navigating the UU platforms and locations, give them study tips, help them in building a social network and of course take part in social events organized by Incluusion.

Participation is on a voluntary basis and you will be required to commit for around 2 hours per week. Prior to the block you will receive a 3 hours training to prepare you for being a buddy. If this sounds like something  you would like, you can easily apply through the form on the page: Get involved in Incluusion as a student - Incluusion - Utrecht University. Y

You can also contact us at if you have any questions.