29 October 2019

Sign up now: Wellbeing Week 18 - 22 November 2019

Life as a student is great, but sometimes quite stressful. In addition to the requirements set by the programme of your study, there are side jobs, internships, board memberships, other extra-curricular activities and of course also social contacts. An overly full agenda, but also performance pressure can lead to stress. This can result in symptoms such as worrying, poor sleep and feeling tense. Do you recognize that?

Utrecht University believes it is important that students find a good balance between studying and relaxation and learn to cope with stress. The UU is therefore organizing the Wellbeing Week from 18 to 22 November. This week there are all kinds of free activities around your wellbeing at the Uithof and in the city center for all students in Utrecht. This week's goal is to provide students with tools to deal with performance pressure and stress. During this week you can follow various workshops in the field of sports, time management, stress management, meditation, performance pressure, setting limits, making choices, personal coaching and more.

You can find the complete programme here. Interested in one or more activities? Sign up via the button below!