30 January 2020

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On Thursday 5 March 2020 the Onderwijsparade, Utrecht University’s annual education day, will take place. This year’s theme is Academic Education: What is the purpose?

Academic education: what is the purpose?

What is the purpose of the university? What do we expect from our students and what do students expect from their lecturers? Do we offer enough leeway for curiosity, for mistakes to be made? Join us in the debate about these topics!

Societal and philosophical perspective

Two keynote speakers will shed light on the topic: prof. Giselinde Kuipers (Sociology, Leuven) from a societal perspective, prof. René ten Bos from a philosophical perspective. Student responses will be given by faculty assessors Suzanne Akkerhuis and Merel Dekker.

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The Onderwijsparade (literally: Education Parade) is an annual event at Utrecht University. The event forms a platform for dialogue between students, teachers and staff about our university education. The Onderwijsparade offers keynotes, several debate sessions and the announcement of the winners of the teacher awards. The plenary sessions will be held in English; some workshops will be in Dutch.

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