19 February 2018

Sign up now for the 382nd Dies Natalis Utrecht University - On Darwin, data and Academic Intelligence

On Monday 26 March 2018, the 382nd Dies Natalis of Utrecht University is celebrated in the Dom church.

This year, the ceremony is themed On Darwin, data and Academic Intelligence. The anniversary speeches will be held by Ingrid van Engelshoven, the Minister of Education, Culture and Science, and professor Bert van der Zwaan, Rector Magnificus. During the ceremony, honorary doctorates will be awarded and the Lecturer Award and the Young Lecturer Award will be presented. The ceremony will also be a tribute to the departing Rector Magnificus, professor Bert van der Zwaan. Afterwards, the Executive Board will host a drinks reception in the Academiegebouw (University Hall).

Interested? If you wish to attend this ceremony, please register before 2 March 2018. Tickets will be sent out well in advance via email.

On Darwin, data and Academic Intelligence

Businesses such as Google and Amazon invest billions in Big Data, artificial intelligence and knowledge robotisation. The world is changing at a rapid pace. The fundamental question we have to ask ourselves is how we should respond to the digital revolution currently taking place – as a higher education sector, as a university, and as individual students and lecturers. What should we change to stay relevant, what do we want to keep, and why? To what kind of society do we want to contribute?

In her Anniversary Address, Minister Ingrid van Engelshoven will reflect on the challenges these developments pose to the education sector as a whole. Subsequently, Bert van der Zwaan will outline why Utrecht University, with its tradition of high-quality multidisciplinary research and small-scale teaching, is well positioned to remain in the global vanguard. His address marks his departure as the 333rd Rector Magnificus of Utrecht University.

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