3 December 2015

Seven nominees for the Teacher Awards Geosciences 2015

Ben de Pater, Jerry van Dijk, João Trabucho-Alexandre and Maryse Chappin are nominated for the Teacher of the Year Award. Three other lecturers have a chance to be chosen as Teacher Talent 2015. The jury will announce the winners on the New Year’s Reception on 5 January 2016.

The Faculty of Geosciences presents two teacher awards every year. In this way the faculty wishes to stimulate its teachers. The awards are a tribute of the faculty’s appreciation of the educational work the lecturers do.

The Teacher of the Year Award is for lecturers who have teaching experience in an academic setting of more than five years. The Teacher Talent award is presented to someone with less experience than five years of teaching experience. The winners receive a check of 1.500 euro, which is meant to be spend on work related issues like a study trip or books. The nominees of this year are:

Teacher of the Year

  • Ben de Pater (Human Geography and Spatial Planning) nominated by VUGS
  • Jerry van Dijk (sustainability bachelor programmes, Sustainable Development) nominated by STORM
  • João Trabucho-Alexandre (Earth Sciences) nominated by UAV
  • Maryse Chappin (Natural Science and Innovation Management, Innovation Sciences) nominated by Helix

Teacher Talent

Awards ceremony

The jury consists of the Vice-Dean Education, the Educational Managers and two student members of the Faculty Council. The jury will be presenting the award on the New Year’s reception  of the faculty on Tuesday 5 January 2016 at 16:00 in Theatron, Educatorium.