12 July 2017

Selfie sign: greetings from Utrecht University

Utrecht University is now the proud home of a selfie sign: a spot on campus to make a selfie with ‘greetings from Utrecht University’.

The idea for the selfie sign comes from Jeroen Frietman, who works for the Academic Affairs office. He wanted a spot in the Uithof to take a group photo at, or a selfie, that would make it instantly clear to the viewer that the picture was taken at the UU. He thinks the selfie sign will appeal the most to international students.

UU for U Student Services entrance

Frietman submitted the idea in the corporate offices’ yearly competition, in which employees can submit a ‘luminous idea’. Now the photo spot has arrived. This week, the gigantic postcard-like sign – designed by the UU – was placed next to the UU for U Student Services entrance at the Heidelberglaan.

Source: DUB