Schedule not visible in the MyUU app? Here's how to fix that!

Are you a student in the faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Geosciences or Medecine and unable to see your timetable via the MyUU app? Do not worrym theré's a work-around available via MyTimetable.

We are working hard to try and solve the problem, but in the meantime you can easily add your timetable manually via MyTimetable. This will also show your timetable in the MyUU app. We advice you to do so for the time being. As soon as adding timetables in the MyUU app has been restored, we will let you know​​​.

How to add your timetable to MyTimetable

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the appropriate button at the top right.

Linking your timetable to your Google calendar

If you also want to add your timetable to your Google calendar, you can do so very easily:

  1. Go to Log in if you haven't already done so and add your timetable.
  2. Press the two pointing arrows at the top right, then click "Google Calendar".
  3. Click "Next" in the new window, then copy the URL at the bottom of the window.
  4. Go to Google Calendar, click the "+" symbol in the left column, and choose "Via URL".
  5. Paste the URL into the field and click "Add Calendar".

Now your calendar is always up to date. Should there be any changes in your schedule, they will also be reflected in your Google Calendar.