Save the date: StuKO Symposium

How can Students as Teachers gain teaching skills, improve teaching quality, and how do we recognize and value their efforts? Do you supervise Students as Teachers? Are you a Student as Teacher yourself? Do you make policies for Students as Teachers? Then come to the StuKO symposium on April 6, 2023 in Utrecht!

StuKO stands for Student Qualification Education and is a three-year project in which we train, guide, recognize and value students who provide education in one way or another. For the quality of education, teaching skills that students acquire and for the well-being of these Students as Teachers, it is important that they receive the right support in carrying out their teaching tasks. In addition, we want their efforts to be rewarded, not only financially, but also with some form of recognition (certification). At this symposium we will share first results of the project and discuss them with experts and experts by experience. 

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