4 October 2018

Safety Week: 8 - 14 October

Safety Week commences

Safety first

Safety is an issue which concerns us all. Each of us has a responsibility to ensure our own safety as well as that of colleagues, students and visitors to our university. We work safely together, enabling us to return home in one piece at the end of a day’s work or study. For this reason, our motto is: Safety first! To boost awareness of this important issue, we are taking part in the nationwide Safety Week, which kicked off this morning. All kinds of campaign will be held within UU throughout the week.

‘Safety first!’ campaign

Anton Pijpers, President of the Executive Board, was present at the kick-off to stress the importance of safety issues. Colleagues in attendance got to see the campaign picture for the first time, which was playfully unveiled by the three individuals pictured. The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness of safety among all staff and students. After all, anyone could find themselves in an unsafe situation.

In the spotlight

The kick-off also reflected on what needs to be done in case of a hazardous situation arising or a disaster occurring. To receive urgent help from the emergency services and/or the university’s own emergency response team, you must dial the alarm number (+31 30 253) 4444. You then need to report the incident in Topdesk. Faults and hazardous situations also need to be entered into Topdesk. We use the reports to learn, which enables us to make our work and study environment ever safer. To reinforce this principle, our colleagues Nancy Bleumink en Bart de Haan were put in the spotlight and presented with a beautiful bunch of flowers. They already knew the way around Topdesk.

Other campaigns during Safety Week

The week running from 8 to 14 October is nationwide Safety Week. Utrecht University is taking part as well, because it regards it as an important topic and is keen to ensure that staff and students are aware of the role which all of us have to play in ensuring the safety of the work and study environment. Safety first! Interested in finding out what will happen at UU during Safety Week? If so, keep an eye on this website and Facebook/Instagram.