20 March 2017

Safe and welcoming – that’s what it’s all about

Receptionist Chantal Snoek

Chantal Snoek works at the Facility Service Centre (FSC). In her capacity as a receptionist, she is always trying to make people feel welcome and safe. ‘I am responsible for receiving guests, providing them with day passes and/or keys, answering staff members’ and students’ questions and patrolling the building. Being in touch with so many different people makes my job fun and diverse!’ Chantal is the sixth and final employee to be featured on a FSC poster. FSC is using these posters to show what kind of facilities management services it provides. The posters can be found at fifty spots across the university’s buildings.

Maximum hospitality

Chantal works at Utrecht Castel’s reception desk. In this building, staff from the Utrecht University Faculty of Geosciences, Deltares and TNO conduct research on soil, air and water. ‘I try to make them feel welcome in the building. I do so in several ways. Naturally I greet people when they come in, but I also try to provide the best possible answers to people’s questions.’

Safe environment

Utrecht University’s security department seeks to create a working and studying environment in which students, staff members and visitors feel safe and welcome. Receptionists play a major part in this, as do the invigilators and guards working at the control room of the security department. FSC Security is responsible for securing some 130 university buildings, as well as eight car parks and some of the streets in the immediate vicinity of the buildings.

Who does what?

‘As a receptionist, I play a vital part in improving the security of our environment. If I spot strange behaviour, I will notify the control room. Moreover, I patrol the building at the end of each work day to make sure that all the lights have been turned off, all the windows have been shut and everyone has left the premises.’ Invigilators perform surveillance of the buildings, while the staff at the control room keep an eye on lone workers (by providing them with a safety beeper, for instance) and provide follow-up in the event of an emergency.

Emergency? Require security at a special event?

If you wish to learn more about how to respond in the event of an emergency, or if you are organising an event that requires security measures, submit a completed FSC Service Request Form to make all the necessary arrangements. You can also apply for other facilities management services by submitting this form. Whatever your needs, FSC will take care of them!