7 December 2020

Reusable UU face mask available for free

From Monday 7 December, you can pick up a free UU-face mask at one of the receptions.

The face mask comes in three variants: black, grey and yellow. The print is provided with the logo of Utrecht University. The pattern is based on the heptagon. This stands for the seven faculties and forms a network as a visual interpretation of 'we do it together'.

How do I get a face mask from Utrecht University?
The face mask are available for students and staff. They are distributed via the receptions of the university buildings that are open and where there is a reception (see overview below). You will receive a face mask once.


  • Androclus building
  • Administration building
  • Bolognalaan
  • David de Wied building
  • Educatorium
  • Sjoerd Groenman building
  • Koningsberger building reception
  • Kruyt building
  • Langeveld building
  • UBU
  • Vening Meinesz building

City centre:

  • Bijlhouwerstraat 6
  • College Hall
  • Domplein 29 (Academiegebouw)
  • Drift 21
  • Jans Kerkhof 2-3
  • Janskerkhof 15a
  • Spinoza Hall 

When do I wear a face mask?

Wear a face mask when you move around the university buildings. For example, in the corridors, when entering and leaving classrooms, by the elevators, in canteens and in queues. When you are at your destination, you can take off the face mask. Of course you are free to wear your face mask here as well.

Can I wash the reusable face mask?
The face mask can be washed at a maximum of 60 degrees. The face mask is not suitable for use in the dryer.

For the most up to date information, please visit www.uu.nl/en/information-coronavirus