23 August 2019

Returning to Campus: Keys and Re-enrolment

This message applies to 2nd+ semester students only. If you are a new incoming student, you will receive information by email. 

Picking up keys

Returning students can start moving in on Friday, 23 August. On Friday 23 August, students can pick up their keys at the Landlady's office between 08.00-16.00 (Dining Hall, entrance near to the gym, hallway on the right). After this, you can pick up your keys at the reception desk from Monday to Friday during opening hours between 09.00-17.00, except for Monday, 26 August (due to the arrival of new students). Picking up keys is not possible during the weekend.

You can authorize someone else to pick up your keys for you (for example if you will be arriving during the weekend). Please send an email to ucu.info@uu.nl with your own name and the name of the person you would like to authorise.


Do not forget to re-enrol in Studielink for University College Utrecht before 1 September!