15 June 2020

Results elections student section Faculty Council REBO 20-21

The results of the elections for the student section of the Faculty Council REBO 20-21 are known!

From 2 to 4 June there were elections for the Student section of the Faculty Council REBO 2020-2021. This year there were only elections for the district Economy. In the districts Law and Governance there were as many candidates as there are seats.

The following 12 members were elected faculty council members:

District Governance (3 seats)

  • Bernards, N.
  • Ponssen, T.S.
  • Hylkema, R.

District Economics (3 seats)

  • Houbiers, T.H.A.
  • van Hamersveld, F.A.
  • Leltz, J.

District Law (6 seats)

  • Katus, Y.N.
  • Euverman, S.
  • Rebel, C.W.
  • Kiltz, S.M. 
  • Dijkman, Y.D.
  • Schreuder, E.V.


The REBO Electoral Committee

June 5, 2020