20 January 2020

Restaurant in Minnaert building closes per 28 February 2020

Utrecht University chooses to reduce the number of staffed catering locations from nineteen to twelve by 8 July 2020. The restaurant in the Minnaert building is one of the catering locations that will be closed because this location is not profitable. The Sodexo staff working at the restaurant is going to work at other UU catering locations. Because of that, the restaurant will close per 28 February 2020. Utrecht University understands that employees and students working and studying in the Minnaert building might find it annoying that the catering location is closing already. However, we kindly ask for your understanding.

Banqueting for meetings

Sodexo will continue to provide coffee, tea, lunches and drinks for meetings in the Minnaert building until 8 July 2020. You can order this via the Sodexo portal.

Catering facilities in Minnaert building and around it

In the Minnaert building there are vending machines for hot drinks, soft drinks and snacks at various places. This offer will be expanded. The nearest, staffed UU catering locations are Jazzmans in the Minnaert building and the kiosks in the Victor J. Koningsberger building, Hugo R. Kruyt building and Vening Meinesz building. The mobile food vans and Hogeschool Utrecht’s catering location are also within walking distance.

What will happen at the location of the catering facility?

It is not yet clear what will replace the catering facility. The faculties wish to keep the space as a social meeting place. A project group with people from different organisational units will make a plan for the space. Staff and students can provide input to demand managers Donna Stegenga (Faculty of Science) or Mariël Witteveen (Faculty of Geosciences).